About Leifheit

Established in 1996 to bring the quality and luxury of European housewares into American homes, Leifheit International USA, Inc. is today enjoying a level of popularity that's making its esteemed German parent, Leifheit AG*, quite proud.


Leifheit designs outstanding quality and modern European flair into their full range of household products, including kitchen utensils; thermal carafes; canning equipment; kitchen and bathroom scales; step stools and ladders; and cleaning, ironing, and drying equipment. Quality-and design-conscious customers look to gourmet stores, upscale catalogs and retail stores throughout the United States to find the latest and most innovative products in Leifheit's collections.


Over the years, Leifheit has acquired several European companies equally devoted to developing household products of the highest quality and originality.

Soehnle represents one of Leifheit's significant acquisitions. Soehnle has been designing award-winning scales for over 130 years. The top-selling brand worldwide and the market leader in Europe, Soehnle kitchen and bathroom scales feature Swiss precision, German engineering, and worldwide appeal.

With half a century of innovation history, German-based Leifheit is widely known and admired in Europe for its well-designed, moderately priced food prep products (cooking, baking and serving tools; canning items; kitchen storage and organization; etc.); insulated hot/cold beverage carafes; cleaning devices (floor wipers, sweepers, brushes, window cleaners, etc.); home ladders and step stools; laundry drying racks; and esteemed Soehlne kitchen and bath scales.

American Appeal

Today, Leifheit International USA is gaining recognition in its own right. In fact, the German parent company’s modern European design has proven very appealing to U.S. buyers. The world has indeed changed over the past 50 years; but it turns out that creative and colorful housewares are again popular today, just as they were back in 1959, when Leifheit unveiled its first innovative housewares in Germany.

In fact, Leifheit’s sleek, Euro-style housewares – such as canning jars, kitchen scales, push sweepers, laundry lines, step stools and nifty kitchen tools – are all finding their way into modern American homes, where the economy and the environment are top of mind.

European History

1959 marked the year in which Ingeborg and Günter Leifheit founded the company Günter Leifheit KG in Nassau, Germany, for the purpose of producing carpet sweepers and floor wipers. 1972 saw the company taken over by ITT, New York, USA. From the very outset when the husband and wife team launched the Leifheit brand, the focus was on product concept as well as product benefits.

Global Philosophy

At Leifheit, engineering, ergonomics and quality have always formed an aesthetic unit, leading to creative problem solutions that make everyday life easier. This is precisely why Leifheit embraces the tag line, "always a better idea." Leifheit is devoted to discovering ideas for making life at home easier, more convenient and generally more enjoyable on a day-to-day basis.

In Good Company

Since 1984 Leifheit has been a public limited company listed on the stock market. With its well-known brands Soehnle and Dr. Oetker Bakeware as well as its French subsidiaries Birambeau and Herby, Leifheit numbers among the leading European suppliers of household products. A broad selection of bathroom textiles and accessories under the brands of Soehnle and Spirella round off the company’s range of production and sales activities.

*Leifheit AG is one of the leading European suppliers of housewares products, headquartered in Nassau, Germany. Established in 1959, they today employ 1800 people in 40 countries, operate 10 production facilities, and market the following brands:

Leifheit Soehnle